Nadine Fights Crime

Violent Crime is sucking the life out of New Orleans. It is extremely important to note that many of the crime issues we face are directly tied to the high school dropout crisis in our city. So any effective crime fighting strategy must absolutly include a plan to partner with our school systems to effectively address our city’s high school dropout rate. We must keep our kids in school and offer them meaningful job opportunities.

Nadine’s Crime Plan strives to:

• Monitor and fully enforce the mandates of the NOPD Consent Decree with the Department of Justice;
• Increase the number of police stations and Commanders: Eight is not Enough;
• Implement more community policing, foot patrols, bike patrols and greater police presence in known high crime areas;
• Fully fund and staff NOPD with 1,500 officers;
• Increase the starting pay for new police recruits;
• Grant “soft second” mortgages to NOPD and NOFD officers with at least five (5) years of service;
• Remove the requirement of two years of college or military for new recruits;
• Require better training of new recruits;
• Require better training of 911 operators;
• Require mandatory continuing law enforcement training and fitness training for veteran officers;
• Remove the recent ban on visible tattoos;
• Improve and expand the Reserve NOPD Division and allow them to handle routine traffic accident and non-emergency calls.


Nadine Cleans up Blight

No homeowner should be forced to live next door to a blighted property or overgrown lot. In recent years, Algiers neighborhoods have seen more blight, unkempt lots and overgrown neutral grounds than ever before.

Nadine believes landowners must be held accountable for the upkeep of their property. Nadine wants tough and fair enforcement of laws that hold absent owners responsible for blighted homes and overgrown lots.

Using existing laws, Nadine will promote and expand the “Lot Next Door” program. She will push the responsible agencies to accelerate the seizure and sell of neglected properties so tha they can be placed back into commerce.

Nadine would encourage more partnerships with private businesses to adopt and maintain lots and neutral grounds. She will make sure that the Department of Parks and Parkways is sufficiently funded and staffed to promptlyand efficiently address the problem of overgrown city lots and neutral grounds., also has an obligation to its citizens to keep the neutral grounds and public areas well maintained. As a Council Member, Nadine will also lead and and sponsor regular community cleanup efforts.

Many of the areas with blighted homes and overgrown lots are areas where we have seen increased crime. So addressing this issue will also help to addrss the crime problem in the district.


Economic Development and Jobs

With proper leadership, Algiers is ripe for economic development. Nadine will support the continued expansion and development of Federal City as an economic anchor for Algiers. This collaborative effort has transformed a former naval base into a mix of retail and commercial space with residential living, with on-site schools and daycare to come. Nadine will push to make sure that Algiers residents and businesses participate in the good-paying jobs and business opportunities that come out of Federal City.

Tourism is the lifeblood of our city. With that in mind, Nadine will fight to help secure funding for the improvement and expansion of the Morial Convention Center. To remain competitive with other major tourist and convention destination cities, we must build phases IV and V.

Nadine will also be an ambassador for the maritime community. She will work with state and federal officials to improve and expand the Port of New Orleans which is located within the City Council District C. She will lobby to secure additional federal funding to dredge the Mississippi River from 45 feet to 50 feet. This will allow for even larger cargo ships and cruise ships to enter our port. The port is a major economic engine for our city and our region.


Streets and Infrastructure

We must make a significant investment in our streets and infrastructure. Our sewerage and water system is in a serious state of disrepair. By some accounts 40-50% percent of our water bleeds out of the system before reaching its intended destination. This subsurface drainage is also having a serious negative impact on the condition of many of our city streets.

Our Sewarage &Water Board is currently under a federal consent decree, and it is imperative that we move forward with a comprehensive plan to make the long overdue repairs in ourwater system.

The recent Sewarage &Water Board rate change will generate over $500 million, which should be leveraged for additional federal dollars. The total cost of improvements and repairs to our water system may reach $3.5. billion. This major capital project, if timely and properly implemented, will create thousands of new jobs.

Our citizens leave and return home each day on streets that would rial any undeveloped country. This is unacceptable! Nadine Ramsey will fight to make sure that District C finally gets its fair share of funding to repair our crumbling streets.


Nadine Supports Small Business


Algiers can support more retail establishments and restaurants.

As a lawyer and business owner, Nadine knows what it means to run a small business and to make a payrll. She knows what it’s like to have employees depending on you to feed their families. Nadine will help potential new business cut through the bureaucracy and red tape of City Hall.

Nadine will actively soicit and encourage more of these businesses to move into Algiers. She will push for more oppotunities for small business in the Federal City complex. Nadine will insist that City Hall and Federal City give local small businesses an opportunity to supply their goods and services.

Local businesses must be included in the rebuilding of New Orleans.


Nadine Invests in Our Children


Nadine believes that our children are our greatest natural resource. We must re-think our commitment to make sure that each and every child has a chance to succeed in this community. With that in mind, Nadine will push for the creation of a city “Office of Youth Opportunities.” The mission of the office will be to provide the children of New Orleans with meaningful opportunity to learn, prosper and grow into productive citizens. This office will monitor the funding and programs of New Orleans Development Commission (NORDC).

This office will also partner with Head Start and the local public school system to devise creative solutions to the high school drop out crisis. Nadine knows that the factors and problems that lead to our children dropping out of high shool start long before they get to the 8th grade.


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